For generations, it has been  a part of our tradition to provide support to those who need it.


Jacek Pochopien won the 2022 Good Samaritan Award. It is the second time he has this privilege, because he received his first award already in 2005.


As we can read on St. Elijah's Voluntary Association website:

"The idea behind this endeavor is to find people who support those in need with their actions, those who are distinguished by empathy, sensitivity, and who always stop at the suffering of other people. Those are men and women who by their attitude and behavior rewrite the evangelical parable of the Good Samaritan, who was the only one to stop and help a man in a difficult life situation, and to take care of him, and to help him to get back on his feet".


In a section dedicated to Jacek, there is a following  description:

"Businessman, the owner of Bakery Pochopien based in Krakow.

In 2005, he received «The Good Samaritan Award ». Back then, many testimonies described Jacek as: «a baker who has supported people in need with loafs of bread for sixteen years». Many years have passed, and still many people want to say thank you to Jacek.

For his heart, endless amount of empathy, and love for neighbor. For remarkable responsibility for his employees. That they and their life situation are always in the first place, and there is no question about it. Moments of crisis only intensify the help that is being provided. When some tenants in his townhouse didn't have money to foot the bills, he paid them out of his own pocket and he didn’t expect any payback. Since the first days of war in Ukraine, he has been providing breadstuff to refugee support points".



Ceremony took place on 06.05.2022, in John Paul II Hall in Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Krakow in Lagiewniki. Below, the link to St. Elijah's Voluntary Association website.


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