Bakery Pochopien is located in the center of Krakow, in ul. Jana Kochanowskiego 22. Advantageous location allows fast delivery, which makes our baked goods always fresh, fragrant and delivered on time.


In our offer, you will find classic breadstuff and pastries made according to historic recipes and proven baking methods. At the same time, eager to satisfy even the most sophisticated of your needs, we continue to expand the assortment with the newly discovered flavors and current trends. From the beginning we have been carefully selecting natural ingredients of the highest quality, which makes the offered products healthy and nutritious. We are open to all suggestions and are always willing to take new challenges.


We decided to hold small and moderate-scale production, which enables adherence to all craft regulations. During more than seventy years of activity, we have earned the trust of prominent Krakow restaurateurs, representatives of the hospitality industry, numerous grocery stores, schools and universities and all those for whom the irreplaceable, traditional flavor and high standard of our services are important.


We will be delighted to work with you!

ul.  Karmelicka  21, 31-131 Kraków

phone +48 662 212 581



ul.  Krupnicza  12,  31-123 Kraków

phone  +48 662 210 534


ul.  Ingardena  30-060 Kraków





Piekarnia - Cukiernia "Kłos" S.J.

Kochanowskiego St. 22, 31-127 Cracow

phone                            +48 12 633 75 02

Monday-Friday                       09:00-21:00

Saturday                                  09:00-14:00

Sunday (orders)                    19:00-22:00