Entertaining guests, evening feasts, afternoon teas and reflection time often call for a meal or snack. We work to live, and not live to work, because life itself tastes best. And if time passes slowly, life tastes even better. Welcome to Krakow, a city full of touching legends, dark secrets, amazing stories and probably the best pastries.


Historical conditions of Krakow and the area gave birth to unique Galician cuisine.

It is a unique combination of sophisticated Polish flavors with the best traditions of mostly Austrian, Hungarian, Czech and Jewish cuisine. To it we owe the omnipresent aroma of cumin - characteristic of many local bakery products, such as the very Krakow bread (chleb krakowski).

On the other hand, the regional confectionery preserved, among others, Austrian delicacies such as the Vienna cheesecake or Pischinger - wafers layered with sweet cream filling.


Fascination with the retro, nostalgia for the days without the Internet, smartphones and the sheer volume of information, a sentimental journey to the days of one's youth... The cult flavor from the past can be found in such bestsellers as fondant, puff, napoleon, biscuits or the good old Danish.

Try our pastries, slightly closing your eyes and relaxing, and slowly move back to the times in which you wish to find yourself. Maybe the wish will be granted ;-) We recommend our always fresh bakery products that match a health breakfast, balanced diet, nutritious snacks, tasty lunch or dinner. Remembering the past, we create the future.

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