Bakery Pochopien is a Krakow family company with a long tradition dating back to 1946. Its founder, was a baker and confectioner master, Jan Pochopien. He won his title yet during the World War II. In the post-war years, he was repeatedly awarded for merits in the craft, for his activity to promote Krakow and the area, as well as achievements in the development of trade and services. Twenty three years after opening his own business he was awarded a gold badge of the master distinguished in training and education of apprentices in the craft of baking. Later, he was elected the first senior of the Guild of Food Crafts, which included Krakow Guild of Bakers. Being faithful to the tradition, we continue in the structures of the oldest Guild in Poland.

Jan Pohopien was honored with yet another honor, one particularly important for us - the gold badge of honor of the Fowler Brotherhood in Krakow. As early as in the thirteenth century, the Brotherhood was engaged in training in the use of weapons against external threats and conflicts. From the outset, it remained in strong relations with the Guild of Bakers, whose masters and apprentices used to eagerly collect impressive amounts of weapons and ammunition, and then improve their shooting skills on the Brotherhood's shooting range, the Celestat. Over the centuries, Krakow's bakers personified the noble moral, social and patriotic attitude. In the sixteenth century, the Guild took over the duty of defending one of the main gates of the city, along with the adjacent mighty fortification, henceforth known as the Tower of Bakers. Currently, the tower no longer exists, and the Fowler Brotherhood carries on mainly welfare and charity activity.

We know who we are and where we come from. Regardless of the times in which we live and the circumstances, we try to keep up family traditions and our values. As one of the few businesses, we run our bakery in the city center. Here, you will find our classic breadstuff and pastries made according to historic recipes and proven baking methods. From the very beginning, we have been carefully selecting the ingredients and we ensure their quality. This has won our products the appreciation of numerous customers over the years. Since its inception, Bakery Pochopien has continuously been located in the heart of Krakow, in ul. Jana Kochanowskiego 22. Feel welcome to visit the company shops in ul. Karmelicka 21 and ul. Krupnicza 12 and learn the latest offer.

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